How to get an SQE Exam Exemption?

With your distinctive qualifications and experience acquired in different legal jurisdictions, as a foreign qualified lawyer, you can apply for SQE1 or SQE2 exemptions.

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Exemptions for Foreign-Qualified Lawyers

Obtaining an exemption in SQE2 might be relatively straightforward, but it still requires meticulous evidence.

SQE1 Exemptions for Foreign-Qualified Lawyers

If you are a [French] qualified lawyer, you must convincingly prove two vital points:

  • The scope and coverage of France qualification
  • How the law in France aligns with and is not substantially different from the law in England and Wales.
SQE2 Exemptions for Foreign-Qualified Lawyers

Securing an exemption in SQE2 may be somewhat simpler, yet it necessitates careful submission of proof. The SRA now prioritizes practical application over theoretical knowledge.

For foreign-qualified attorneys, it’s essential to:

  • Accentuate your right to practice in France.
  • Illustrate the similarities between your legal methodologies and those employed in England & Wales. This involves showcasing the resemblance in legal proceedings, client communications, and various attorney responsibilities between France and the jurisdiction of England & Wales.

The SRA has pre-agreed exemptions for certain jurisdictions, deeming their legal education and practices equivalent or close to those in England & Wales. France is part of it, you can easily ask for an SQE2 Exemptions .

What do you need to qualify
as a UK solicitor?

Achieving an exemption in SQE2 might be relatively more straightforward, but it still requires meticulous evidence.

Showcase legal practices

This entails demonstrating how legal proceedings, client interactions, and other lawyerly duties in their home country resemble the practices in the England & Wales jurisdiction.

Documentation Collection

Completed application form, Fee of £265, Proof of qualification, a signed reference letter from your supervisor if needed.

Application Submission

Once all documents are in place, access the 'Apply for qualified lawyer exemption from the SQE assessments' option under 'Start new applications' on your mySRA dashboard.

SRA's Verdict

The SRA aims to revert within 180 days. Remember that they are meticulously reviewing all provided evidence to ensure it aligns with the solicitor exemptions standards.

SQE2 Exemptions Guides by Jurisdiction

Find below the SRA instructions on how to apply for an SQE2 Exemption.

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