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Our SQE1 Preparation Course include the latest updated SRA syllabus, 3 depth-level Revision Cards, SRA-like MCQs, a designated mentor, the most advanced smart study planner, audiobooks, mocks, unlimited support & wayyyy more.

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What's included in our SQE1 Prep?
  • Designated Mentor
  • Smart Study Planner, Cleo
  • 3 depth-level Revision Cards
  • SRA-like MCQs
  • Daily Practice
  • Real Exam Condition Mocks
  • Audiobooks
  • Unlimited support & soooo much more

Our SQE Prep Courses cover all
SQE Syllabus & Topics

(SRA Syllabus, Updated May 2024)

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Beyond a rich resource library, we offer a host of interactive learning opportunities.

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We are proud to offer the first ever tailored Study Strategy planner, where you, AI and a tutor will design your own agenda -- which will automatically update based on the twists and turns of your life!

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Get a dedicated mentor exclusively for you, capable of listening, understanding, and taking proactive steps to facilitate your improvement. Unlike other course providers, you will never feel isolated. Your mentor is always available for you.

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