FQPS Powerful
Learning Approach

7 leading scientific
learning techniques
merged into one Powerful Learning Program.

One Powerful Learning Program

How can I memorise such an extensive syllabus?

FQPS experts have combined the most internationally and scientifically recognised learning methodologies into a single, powerful program: the FQPS Learning Program/ Talent Optimisation Program (TOP).

Following the Program will trigger both your long term and short term memory at their best ability.

Which scientific approaches boost memory retention?

The FQPS Powerful Learning Program features seven recognised methods:

Blended Learning Methodology
Multisensorial and Active Learning
The Elaboration Method
The PQ4R Method
The Feynman Technique
The Pomodoro Technique
The Leitner System

How can I ensure I am effectively prepared for the exam?

By following the FQPS Learning Program, divided into 4 distinct steps:

Control: Get a solid foundation of substantive law using Multi-sensory and PQ4R learning methods.
Refine: Strengthen your theoretical understanding through active practice using Blended Learning, Pomodoro, and Leitner Systems.  
Demonstrate: Actively demonstrate your achievements using the Feynman Technique.
Evaluate: By step 4, you'll gain the confidence to undergo mock assessments, evaluating your legal knowledge and ability to apply the law.

STEP 1: Control
Accumulate knowledge with revision cards,
mind maps, audiobooks, podcasts and classrooms.

Our materials trigger your long term memory,
engage your senses and help
build solid legal foundation.
Step 2: Refine
Flashcards, MCQs Practice, Daily Practice, Contests,
1:1 Check-ups, Live tests ... we don't lack resources for you to practice
and turn your theoretical understanding into legal skills.
Step 3: Demonstrate
Topic Practice, SRA-like MCQs, Daily Practice, Contests,
SQE1 Mocks, SQE2 Assessment Mocks, Peer Challenges & more

Whether you are preparing SQE1 or SQE2, the stage will be yours to demonstrate your skills and understanding.
Step 4: Evaluate
Reach the final step with the confidence to engage
in SQE1 Mocks, SRA-like MCQs, Live 1:1 tutor SQE2 test,
SQE2 Assessment Mocks, Advocacy Contest, Peer Challenges & more

Actively evaluating your legal knowledge and application skills.
You have now effectively prepare for the SQE exams using the FQPS Talent Optimisation Program.

Are you ready to start the SQE journey with us?

What else does FQPS Academy have to offer?

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“I would hoped I knew FQPS before, I enrolled with University of Law for SQE1 and had to do all the work. Now that I'm with FQPS for SQE2 it's so easy to revise what I already learn. I love to write down to learn, but their 3 mode of revision card help so much to know what's important to remember.”

Marc J.
SQE1 Preparation

Improve from the very first day of your SQE Prep