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A designated mentor dedicated
to your success.

We guarantee a pro-active personal mentor ready to help you from the very first day and only a click away.

Hi Judie!
Have you finished revising Contract law this week?
Yes, thanks for checking! I think I'm ready to move on to Business law. I should be prepared for the exam if I keep this pace.
Great! How about scheduling a 1:1 this week to assess your Contract Law knowledge? I can ask you questions and evaluate your understanding or clarify any aspects if needed.
That sounds good. How about 4:30 pm on Wednesday? It will add a bit of pressure, which might help! I hope I'll do well!

One mentor,
Unlimited & Quality support

Mentor-Mentee Dynamic

Our mentors are committed to ensuring that every day counts

Day 1: Welcome! Meet Your Designated Mentor. You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself, share details about your SQE Preparation timeline, legal background (if any), and goals.

Day 3: Personal Revision Strategy Session: Work with your mentor to develop your ideal and realistic Revision Strategy. Together, you will map out a plan tailored to your circumstances, ensuring your path to SQE Success is clear and achievable.

Day N: Progress Check-In: Your mentor will touch base to ensure your progress and the effectiveness of your revision strategy. They may also opt to assess your substantive legal knowledge or skills to gauge progression. Get prepared to be challenged by your mentor!

Mock Review Day: At a certain point in your preparation, you will engage in mock exams replicating real exam conditions. Your mentor will assess your performance, and together, you will celebrate your achievements and strategise ways to surpass your own limits until the exam day.

Mentor-Mentee Dynamic

Your mentor ensure that every day of your preparation counts.

Progress Monitoring

Your mentor continuously tracks your progress and give you great feedbacks

In SQE1, feedback on your understanding and level of knowledge of substantive law, as well as on the multiple-choice question (MCQ) format, is crucial. They assist in identifying areas of strength and weakness. Understanding where improvements are needed allows you to refine your knowledge and exam-taking strategies, making your chances of passing the exam higher.

In SQE2, feedback plays a similar role, but with a focus on practical legal skills. Feedback on written assessments, advocacy and client interviews helps you refine your skills and adjust your approach based on constructive criticism. Feedback from mentors provides valuable insights and perspectives, keeping you motivated and ensuring continuous growth and development throughout the preparation process.

In both SQE1 and SQE2, feedback serves as a vital tool for improvement, ensuring candidates are well-prepared and confident on exam day.

At FQPS Academy, you can expect to receive diligent and continuous feedback!

Progress Monitoring

Your mentor tracks your progress & gives you great feedback.

Qualified Mentors

All our mentors are qualified solicitors in England and Wales via the SQE.

A mentor who has passed the SQE can provide firsthand insights into the examination process, including tips on how to study effectively, manage time during the exams, and tackle different types of questions.

A mentor with qualifications and experience in England and Wales can provide targeted career advice, helping students understand the job market, networking opportunities, and potential career paths within the region.

Each student’s journey is unique, and having a mentor who understands the specific challenges and opportunities within the English and Welsh legal systems can provide personalised and relevant support.

Qualified Mentors

All our mentors are qualified solicitors in England and Wales
via the SQE.

24/7 Availability

A mentor available every day for you

Guidance and support will always be just one click away.

Breaking the Isolation of Self-Study. You and your mentor will truly get to know each other. You will set realistic goals for proper preparation. Your mentor will ensure you progress at a steady pace to reach your goals. They will take proactive actions if they feel you might need a push or a boost.

24/7 Availability

Your mentor is only a click away.

Emotional Support

Your mentor offers guidance, motivation, and celebrates achievements.

Resource Sharing

Recommending study materials, practice questions, and more.

Pro-Active Support

At FQPS Academy, we believe in not just providing support, but in anticipating your needs and challenges. Our designated mentors are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, offering proactive support that goes beyond answering questions.

Answer your un-answered questions

The SQE format is new and lacks transparency due to the NDA former candidates must sign, causing anxiety and uncertainty. We have a panel of mentors ready to answer any questions you have about the exam, whether it is SQE1 or SQE2. You could not be better guided— We are here to lend a supportive hand!

Feedback and Accountability

Last but not least, your mentor will provide constructive feedback on practice exams and assessments, helping you identify areas for improvement and refine your skills. A mentor helps keep you accountable for your study goals and progress, ensuring you stay on track and motivated.

Clarifying the law —
Sharpen legal skills

The SQE syllabus is enormous, and it is natural to have ongoing questions during your revisions. With a mentor, you can address all your legal gaps confidently. Your mentor will ensure your understanding of the law and provide the necessary support and methodology to enhance your skills (SQE2). Benefit from the wisdom of those who have the expertise.

An SQE-trained intelligent platform for real-time help 24/7

Our SQE Intelligent platform is designed to provide support in a way that exceeds what you could get from seminars or traditional course providers, making the most of modern technology and interactive AI.

Understanding Difficult Concepts
When students struggle with particular topics or concepts, a mentor can provide clear explanations and additional resources to help them understand better.
Exam Preparation Strategies
Mentors can offer bespoke, tailored strategies for effective exam preparation. Such as time management tips, revision techniques, practice question recommendations and more.
Career Guidance
Beyond exam preparation, mentors can also provide advice on career paths, networking, and professional development opportunities related to the legal field.

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