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One of the major SQE1 challenges lies in the timing.
The SRA has set a tough timing: you will have 2 hours and 33 minutes to answer 90 questions, which gives you around 102 seconds per question.

Try not to blink, doublethink, or sink!

Feel the exam energy!

Get ready to familiarise yourself with the format and requirements of the SQE.

The timing

The SRA has meticulously designed SQE1 with specific and limited time allocated for each assessment session. Time management stands as one of the greatest challenges of SQE1, with only 2 hours and 33 minutes for 90 questions. That means you have roughly 102 seconds per question. Stay focused, and don't let the pressure get to you!

Emulate real exam conditions

Our Mock exams are meticulously crafted to replicate the conditions of the actual exam. They start promptly at a specific time, so missing the designated slot could result in exclusion. During the Mocks, you will face 90 questions covering various areas of law. The Mocks for FLK1 and FLK2 will be divided into two sessions, each precisely 2 hours and 33 minutes in duration — no more, no less.

The Syllabus

The Ultimate Challenge. Just like on exam day, your knowledge of all 15 areas of law will be put to the test! It may sound daunting, but the key to conquering that feeling is to familiarise yourself with it. So prepare to face the challenge head-on and mock it up.

Passing requirements

To pass, you must achieve a score above an average of 60%. The pass mark is determined by an Assessment Board using the Modified Angoff method. This method involves a panel of solicitors reviewing each question and predicting the number of "just-competent" Day One solicitors who would answer the question correctly. It's a rigorous evaluation process that sets a high standard for success.

The journey may be demanding, but your dedication and perseverance will undoubtedly lead you to success!

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Try Before You Buy with Our Free SQE1 Mock

Personalized Study Plans

We understand the importance of feeling confident in your preparation for the SQE1. That’s why we offer a complimentary mock to give you a taste of what’s to come when you decide to buy SQE1 mock packages from us. Our free SQE1 mock is designed to mirror the actual examination, allowing you to gauge your readiness and familiarize yourself with the examination format.

Getting started is simple. All you need to do is register on our platform to access the free SQE1 mock. This is a great opportunity to experience the quality of our materials and the relevance of the content before you decide to buy mock SQE packages. With our try before you buy initiative, we aim to ensure that you are making an informed decision that will propel you towards success in your SQE1 examination.

What You will Learn

  • Get ready to dive into the SQE's format and requirements, and embrace the intensity of the exam.
  • By understanding the timing, experiencing realistic exam conditions through our Mocks, and striving for excellence, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges and come out triumphant .

Mock Format

  • Covering FLK1 and FLK2
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Real exam conditions
  • 60% pass requirement

Mock Duration

  • 2 hours 33 minutes
  • 90 questions in total
  • Strict time limit enforced
  • 60 minutes break

Discover a new horizon of preparation with our SQE1 Mock Exams. At FQPS Academy , we offer meticulously crafted mocks to mirror the real SQE examination experience . Engage with realistic questions, and receive detailed statistics on your performance, helping you identify lacunas and improve your training regimen.

Our platform provides a clear breakdown of time spent per question, allowing you to better manage your pace and enhance your time-management skills. Embrace the opportunity to excel in your SQE1 exam. Try a Free SQE1 Mock today or delve deeper by purchasing our comprehensive mock exam packages. Your journey towards mastering the SQE1 begins here!

Embark on your SQE1 preparation journey with FQPS Academy SQE1 Mocks. Our carefully designed mock exams emulate the real SQE exam environment, aiding you in mastering the format and timing. With a detailed analysis on time spent per question and performance statistics, we empower you to pinpoint your weaknesses and refine your strategy. Try a Free SQE1 Mock to experience our quality, or take a step further to success by opting to Buy SQE1 Mock packages for a thorough preparation. FQPS Academy is your reliable partner for achieving excellence in SQE1.

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