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Confidence in the Courtroom: Advocacy Methodology - SQE2 Edition

Discover the secrets to success and approach your assessment with confidence. It's not about talent – it's about having the right tools and strategies. Don't let fear hold you back. Join us and level up your advocacy skills. See you at the event!

FQPS Academy
April 21, 2024
SQE2 Advocacy Moot Live Session

Join us for an interactive and educative live session aimed at aspiring legal professionals preparing for the SQE2 examination.

FQPS Academy
October 8, 2023
SQE Explained
Navigating SRA 2023 Updates & Introducing FQPS Academy

SQE Students: Join our live meeting on key SRA 2023 updates, FQPS introduction, and Q&A session. Stay informed & engage actively.

FQPS Academy
September 29, 2023
Discover a range of SQE-focused events at FQPS Academy. From SQE lecturing sessions and interactive SQE practice sessions to comprehensive SQE1 revision workshops, we offer tailored events to guide students through their SQE journey. Engage with sqe experts, attend FAQ sessions with students and foreign solicitors, and benefit from personalised SQE1 tutoring.

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