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We teach you the practical legal skills needed for SQE2.

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What's included in our SQE2 Prep?
  • SQE2 Live 1:1 Mocks
  • Self- Practice Mocks
  • Legal and communication skills
  • Skills Practice Tool
  • Tips & Strategies Classrooms
  • Condensed Revision Cards
  • Flashcards
  • Unlimited support & soooo much more
SQE2 Prep: We equip you with crucial legal and communication skills.
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Pre Prep Checkup

Before diving into your SQE2 preparation, take our Pre Prep Checkup Test to assess your current level of legal knowledge across five key topics.

Test Format

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

The checkup begins with 20 MCQs for each area, designed to test your fundamental understanding and recall of legal principles.

Short Answer Questions:

Following the MCQs, you will answer 5 short answer questions for each area, requiring more detailed explanations and application of legal concepts.

Scenario-Based Questions:

Finally, each section includes 2 scenario-based questions where you will apply your legal knowledge to hypothetical situations, simulating the kind of problem-solving required in real-world practice.


The purpose of the Pre Prep Checkup is to assess whether you have the prerequisite legal foundation to start your SQE2 preparation. Based on your results, you will receive one of three evaluations:

  • Clearly Need Refreshing: Indicates that significant review is needed before starting SQE2 prep.
  • Good Enough to Start: Shows that you have the basic legal knowledge required to begin your SQE2 preparation.
  • Well Above the Standard Required: Demonstrates a strong legal foundation, indicating you are well-prepared to begin SQE2 prep.

Personalised Feedback

After completing the test, you'll receive detailed feedback on your performance from your dedicated tutor. This feedback will highlight your strengths and areas needing improvement. Together, you will decide how to best use your time to overcome the gaps identified by the test.

Comprehensive Preparation

By taking the Pre Prep Checkup, you’ll gain a clear understanding of where you stand and what areas you need to concentrate on as you begin your preparation journey. This initial assessment sets you on the right path to maximise your study efficiency and exam readiness.

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Elevating legal skills for future solicitors worldwide.

"I had a long way to go, specially with advocacy, but I felt guided and encouraged every step of the way. I couldn't have achieved my results without my tutor's help!"

Ahmed, Student
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