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Whether you have completed two years of experience or are in the process of doing so, our team of qualified solicitors is ready to help you get your experience confirmed. We have validated QWE for many solicitors, accepted by the SRA.

Bringing you one step closer to qualifying as a solicitor.

Easy QWE checking
& confirming process.

Our solicitors are well-versed in SQE and SRA requirements, making your life easier.
We ensure a smooth and stress-free process.

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Splendid! You chose us to start your QWE Check. A designated solicitor will be assigned to you, guiding you through the entire process up to the SRA validation day.

Initial Guidance Call

Before starting the QWE process, you will speak with your designated solicitor to discuss your situation and work experience. Your solicitor will provide honest advice and guidance.

If you're not ready for SRA validation, we'll refund you in full. No hidden fees.

QWE Profile

Perfect! Your designated solicitor believes you're ready to start.

Fill out the QWE Profile on our guided platform in about 8 minutes, covering personal info, education, and work history.

You can even arrange a remote guidance call with your solicitor for more support.

Proof of Work Experience

Our platform integrates the SRA QWE Record template, making it easy to log your legal experience details—just like creating a CV.

This helps us assess your experience against the SRA competencies. Your solicitor will help you refine your details and ensure no competencies are overlooked.

Proof Review &
Work Supervisor's Confirmation

Once the QWE Record completed, your solicitor will review your profile.

When needed, your solicitor will contact your former managers and confirm the extent of your work experience and character and suitability.

Solicitor Confirms Your QWE

The SRA will notify FQPS' solicitor to confirm your QWE.

Your solicitor will log into their SRA account to review and confirm your QWE. The SRA will notify you of the outcome, often within 24 hours.

All done!

Now that you understand the process, let's start your QWE validation.  

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What's included in our QWE Validation?
  • Designated Solicitor
  • Evidence Gathering and Review
  • Checkup's
  • mySRA process guidance
  • Unlimited support

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Frequently Asked Questions

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