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— Prepare with confidence the SQE1 and SQE2 to become a qualified solicitor in England and Wales.

Get continuous insights and feedback to improve faster: Unlimited 1:1 mentor support, most advanced and smart study planner, vast and effective practice materials, continuous communication & way more — We spare no effort nor means to see you succeed.

An open letter from our Directress:

We can't wait to see you succeed.

Our aim is to enable each of our students to achieve their highest aspirations.

We take pride in offering what no one else dares to: the time to get to know you. The time to guide you. And a person to speak to. We will show you the way, based on who you are and what you need.

And our commitment extends even further. We provide a world of superior quality courses, a bank of practice material and soon, unlimited tutoring hours!

At FQPS, inclusivity, accessibility, and affordability are not just buzzwords—they are our purpose. That is why we have taken our place as the most affordable SQE course provider, yet the highest in quality.

We are determined to make FQPS Academy the only SQE course provider you will ever need.

Eshana Mohamed
Solicitor in England and Wales - CEO and Co-Founder

Going the extra mile to see you pass.

‘’We've researched the best psychological methods to enhance your ability to retain information, aiming to transform your usual screen time into efficient learning opportunities.’’

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At FQPS Academy, we do just one thing (SQE prep) but we do it great!
Unique Methodology
Designated Mentor
Cleo, The most advanced Intelligent Study Program
Unlimited Support
FQPS Guarantee

We are ahead of the competition in every single aspect.

Whether it's the price, technology, content, number of mocks, tutoring hours, customised study approach, support, community, or expertise, what we provide is nearly unbeatable. Prices start from just £79.

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From £79/m
We find it alarming that some of our students worry about loans to pursue a career as a solicitor, particularly when the SRA's intention with SQE was to make it more affordable.
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The most extensive SQE MCQ Bank. SRA-like MCQs. While we understand that quantity does not always equate to quality, with FQPS, we deliver both.
Get to know our SRA-like MCQs
The first SQE Preparation program in the industry that is engaging and accessible to all. The first SQE prep mobile app. The first AI-powered Platform...
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The only thing you should be worried about is your studies (which is quite enough 😅). That is why FQPS offers unlimited 1:1 workshops, personalised mentor support, and way more.
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500+ hours
More than 500 hours of meticulously designed practice materials for effective information retention. Our unique Study Program makes learning easier.
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FQPS Guarantees
At FQPS Academy, your goals are our goal. We are committed to supporting you until you succeed. Our FQPS Guarantee is our commitment to you that we believe in your potential.
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SQE1 Prep: Practice, Support & Mocks Avoid four-digit+ prices for self-studies.

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What's included in our SQE1 Prep?
  • Designated Mentor
  • Smart Study Planner, Cleo
  • 3 depth-level Revision Cards
  • SRA-like MCQs
  • Daily Practice
  • Real Exam Condition Mocks
  • Audiobooks
  • Unlimited support & soooo much more
What's included in our SQE2 Prep?
  • SQE2 Live 1:1 Mocks
  • Self- Practice Mocks
  • Legal and communication skills
  • Skills Practice Tool
  • Tips & Strategies Classrooms
  • Condensed Revision Cards
  • Flashcards
  • Unlimited support & soooo much more
SQE2 Prep: We equip you with crucial legal and communication skills.
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Get to know FQPS Academy

The best way to know us is through the mission and values that drive everything we do.

Values & Mission

At FQPS Academy, our mission is to empower aspiring solicitors to achieve their professional goals through innovative, high-quality education and unwavering support.

Our mission and values
FQPS Guarantee

If you failed to pass your exam as an FQPS member, we will offer dedicated training and personal support for free. That applies even if you failed with another course provider (we don't hold grudges 😉).


Over 800 students have expressed their gratitude for encountering FQPS, stating they would not have felt as prepared or confident without the Academy's support.

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We put our heart into designing valuable SQE resources — don't hesitate to use them!

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Start your SQE preparation with FQPS Academy- From £79 only 📚

Start your SQE preparation with FQPS Academy- From £79 only 📚

Start your SQE preparation with FQPS Academy- From £79 only 📚