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Meet Cleo.
Not your average Study Planner.

Meet Cleo, our AI-powered Smart Study Partner, adapting your schedule in real-time. Enjoy a stress-free journey with Cleo by your side.

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Get to know Cleo


Optimise your time, you can make every minute count

Cleo is most advanced AI-powered study program organiser. It is able to find the best task to do for every minute following our learning methodology. Whether you are on the tube, walking, or jogging, Cleo will adapt to your activities and suggest tasks accordingly. For example, listen to our Trust & Equity lesson while you're at the gym, or attempt today's daily quiz during your 25-minute commute.

Breaks are part of the learning process. Take control when needed and schedule some 'Me Time'. You can mark each personal moment as 'Me Time' so Cleo understands when you need a break and won't disturb.

Don't stress about feeling overwhelmed; Cleo is proactive in detecting signs of burnout. Our talented tech team has implemented a new feature we are so proud of: Burn-out Support. As Cleo guides you through SQE Preparation, it can offer advice and reorganise your study program in real-time to prevent you from burn-out quitting.


Cleo optimises your time, making every minute count.

Smart Assistant

Your Personal Life Matters, Even During SQE Preparation

Customisable Schedules. Cleo will create a study schedule that aligns with your personal commitments, like work or family time, ensuring a balanced approach to studying and personal life.

Priority-Based Planning. We made Cleo aware of the most important tasks or deadlines, so that he can prioritise your study sessions accordingly. Cleo will ensure that critical academic and personal commitments are managed efficiently.

Flexible Rescheduling. Our powerful platform allows you to easily reschedule study sessions in case of unexpected events. Cleo will proactively adjust your plans to keep them on track without causing stress.

Smart Assistant

Cleo helps you balance studies with your personal life.

Super Smart Study Program

Cleo help you avoid spending afternoons planning for the next day

Automated Daily Schedules. Cleo can automatically generate daily study schedules based on the your overall study plan and current progress, removing the need for manual planning.

Real-Time Adjustments. We made Cleo aware of the most important tasks or deadlines, so that he can prioritise your study sessions accordingly. Cleo will ensure that critical academic and personal commitments are managed efficiently.

Smart Reminders and Alerts. Cleo will remind and alert you about upcoming study sessions and tasks, helping you stay organised and focused without needing to spend time planning.

Cleo will remind you about upcoming study sessions and tasks, helping you stay organised, focused, and up-to-date. This removes the mental burden of tracking everything yourself and helps you stay focused.

Super Smart Study Program

Cleo takes the burden of planning your next day

Mental Health

Cleo is smart enough to recognise signs of burnout before it's too late

Monitor Study Patterns. Cleo can track study habits, such as long study hours without breaks or consistently late-night sessions, which are indicators of potential burnout. It can then suggest breaks or adjustments to the schedule to ensure healthier study habits.

Stress and Fatigue Surveys: Cleo will prompt you with brief surveys regarding your stress and fatigue levels when necessary. Based on your responses and stress levels, Cleo will take appropriate action, such as recommending more rest and relaxation time.

Proactive Alerts. If Cleo detects signs of burnout, it can send alerts and recommendations, such as suggesting lighter study loads, incorporating relaxation techniques, or even providing access to wellness resources like meditation apps or exercise routines, as well as recommending a 1:1 session with your tutor to discuss how you're feeling.

Mental Health

Cleo detects when you're feeling burnt out before it's too late.

Intelligent Study Program

Missed a task? Let Cleo take care of it.

Automatic Rescheduling. If you miss a task, Cleo can automatically reschedule it for the next available time slot, ensuring it gets completed without disrupting the overall study plan and taking your availability into account.

Task Prioritisation. Cleo evaluates the importance of the missed task and adjusts the schedule to prioritise it if necessary, while also balancing other tasks to ensure continued progress.

Progress Tracking and Feedback. Our unique platform can provide feedback on how missing tasks might impact overall progress and suggest ways to catch up, helping you to stay informed and motivated.

Intelligent Study Program

Cleo helps with missed tasks.

Pro Active Coaching

Let Cleo be your study buddy

Motivational Messages and Encouragement. Cleo can send personalised motivational messages and encouragement, celebrating milestones and providing support during challenging times.

Immediate Feedback and Resources. After identifying weak areas, Cleo can provide immediate feedback and suggest specific resources, such as video tutorials, articles, case laws or additional practice questions, to help you improve.

Progress Monitoring and Alerts. Cleo is revolutionary as it autonomously monitors your progress and alerts you when it detects potential issues, such as consistently low scores. It proactively suggests changes to your study routine to address these challenges before they escalate.

Pro Active Coaching

Cleo will become the helpful study buddy you couldn't study without.

Deadline Adapt

Cleo will tell you when you are ready

Progress Tracking and Analysis. Cleo can continuously track your progress, including completed tasks, quiz scores, and practice exams, to determine your readiness level for the exam.

Readiness Assessment Reports. Periodically, Cleo can generate detailed reports that assess your strengths and weaknesses, and estimate the additional time needed to reach a level of proficiency that aligns with passing the exam.

Personalised Recommendations. Based on the readiness assessment, Cleo can provide personalised recommendations for study areas that need more focus and suggest a revised timeline if the initial goal appears unachievable, helping you stay realistic and prepared.

Deadline Adapt

Cleo will tell you when you should be exam-ready.

Smart Study Programmer—
Cleo Features

"Say goodbye to the old, dull and standard study plans from traditional courses. Get ready for features you have never even heard of. You will love Cleo." - FQPS IT Team

Include Check-Ups with Your Mentor
Easily schedule regular check-ins with your mentor to review your progress and get personalised guidance. Cleo ensures you're always on track and supported.
Multiple View Options
Customise your calendar view to suit your preference. Whether you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly overviews, Cleo adapts to your needs for better planning and tracking.
Add what needs to be done.
Flexibly add tasks or study sessions as needed. Cleo makes it easy to incorporate additional tasks into your schedule, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Cleo & your mentor

Having Cleo implementing your study strategy does not imply you are on your own. Your mentor will also have access to your schedule and can monitor your progress. Either of you can reach out to the other at any time.
For instance, if you are having trouble keeping up with your revision, or if your mentor feels you need to ramp up your study efforts, you stay connected.

See how a designated mentor will complement your preparation

Get the most of Cleo

Why do some work tirelessly yet fall short, while others seem to succeed effortlessly?

Many candidates who failed invested long hours studying but found themselves stuck. Despite their efforts, their mock scores remained stagnant.
On the other hand, some of the most successful individuals only dedicate four hours a day to study and did not mind sleeping long hours.
It all boils down to having a robust Study Strategy.

But that's not it—our platform is supercharged with cutting-edge technology.

We have done more, much more, to ensure it makes a real impact on your studies.

Tasks View

Stay organised and on track with our intuitive Tasks View.

Easily see what tasks you need to start, what’s in progress, and what’s completed.

Public leaderboard

Join our community and see how you rank with other students on our Public Leaderboard.

This feature fosters a sense of friendly competition and motivates you to stay committed and achieve your study goals.

Mobile App

Access your study program anytime, anywhere with our user-friendly mobile app.

Stay connected to your learning resources, track your progress, and receive notifications to keep you on schedule.

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