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What is the legal definition of Contract?

- ‘an expression of  willingness to contract on certain terms
- made with the intention that it shall become binding as soon as it is accepted by the person
- to whom it is addressed’

Explain what the doctrine of promissory estoppel is?

Estoppel is a legal principle that prevents from going back on promises made.
- A promise which a reasonable person would rely on it.
- The promisee believed and acted on the promise in good faith.
The promisor later retracted the promise.
- Which Caused financial harm to the promisee.

Give the main implied terms by statute under the Sale of Goods Act 1979?

- 13(1) Goods by description: goods will correspond with the description.
- 14(2) Goods supplied under the contract are of satisfactory quality.
14(3) Where the buyer  makes known to the seller ... any particular purpose for which the goods are being bought, the goods are reasonably fit for that purpose.

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