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Welcome to FQPS Podcasts

Join us as we explore a wide range of topics, from exam tips and study strategies to interviews with legal experts and industry leaders.

Each episode is designed to provide valuable knowledge, practical advice, and motivation to help you succeed in your journey to becoming a solicitor.

Whether you're preparing for the SQE or looking to stay updated on the latest trends in law, FQPS Podcasts has something for everyone. Tune in and take your learning to the next level!

Interactive Learning

Each episode is designed to be more than just a listening experience; it's an interactive journey. As legal notions are explained, you'll be prompted to answer questions or pause and reflect, ensuring active participation and deeper understanding.

Dive into a dynamic learning experience that keeps you engaged and helps solidify your knowledge for the SQE and beyond.

We put our heart into designing valuable SQE resources — don't hesitate to use them!

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