SQE1 Exam Preparation

Measure your understanding and
proficiency in each individual topic

Get the opportunity to evaluate your knowledge
on a per-topic basis.

Enhance Learning

By actively engaging in these assessments, you'll reinforce your understanding, solidify key concepts, and enhance your overall learning experience.

Gauge Your Progress

Regular assessments act as critical milestones, providing clear indicators of your progress, reflecting the knowledge you've successfully acquired. These assessments serve as effective tools for pinpointing any gaps in your knowledge. They help identify areas that require more attention and study.

Seamlessly Integrated with Cleo

Our topic practices are perfectly synchronised with Cleo, our advanced study program. This integration ensures that your study experience is efficient and effective. Cleo tracks your progress with the topic practices, adjusts your study schedule based on your performance, and provides real-time feedback to help you focus on areas needing improvement.

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Topic Practices

Prepare to embark on a journey of continuous learning and unlock the potential to excel in your legal studies.

Complete feedback
Receive detailed feedback on your answers, providing you with the context and explanations needed to fully understand.
Detailed statistics
Track your progress with comprehensive statistics that highlight your strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement.
20 Questions per Topic
Each assessment consists of 20 thoughtfully crafted questions, allowing you to showcase your grasp of the subject matter.
Multiple Choice Questions

MCQs present five possible choices, with detailed context when needed, requiring you to select the single best answer.


Practice sessions can either be strictly time-bound, adding pressure, or without a clock, allowing you to focus solely on the questions.


Your overall position is compared to your peers, giving you a sense of how you stack up against others.

Mark and Review

You have the ability to mark questions for later review, mimicking the experience of an actual exam day.

By Area of Law

MCQs are filtered by area of law and specific subsections for each topic, enabling focused study in specific areas.

Level of Difficulty

Practice questions range in difficulty from easy to moderate to difficult, helping you prepare for any challenge the exam may present.

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“I would hoped I knew FQPS before, I enrolled with University of Law for SQE1 and had to do all the work. Now that I'm with FQPS for SQE2 it's so easy to revise what I already learn. I love to write down to learn, but their 3 mode of revision card help so much to know what's important to remember.”

Marc J.
SQE1 Preparation

Get the opportunity to evaluate your knowledge