Financial Support
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Find financial support and work schemes for aspiring solicitors and SQE candidates, including scholarships, bursaries, grants, and work placements for your legal career. If you’re aware of a scheme that isn’t listed, please email us at

Support for Aspiring Solicitors to work and qualify.

Explore schemes offering financial support and career opportunities for aspiring solicitors dedicated to social welfare law and working with disadvantaged communities.
These programs provide scholarships, mentoring, and financial aid to help you qualify and advance in socially conscious legal areas, promoting access to justice for all.

Justice First Fellowship
Offers paid training contracts and fellowships to advance careers in social justice law.
Eligibility: Aspiring solicitors with a passion for social justice.
How to Apply: Apply through the Justice First Fellowship website with supporting documents.
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Solicitors Social Welfare Fund
Provides financial assistance to aspiring solicitors working in social welfare law.
Eligibility: Individuals committed to social welfare law.
How to Apply: Submit an application detailing financial need and commitment to social welfare law.
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Financial Assistance Schemes for Aspiring Solicitors Facing Financial Barriers

These programs offer scholarships, grants, and other financial support to help you achieve your legal career goals without financial constraints. Explore these opportunities to ensure your success in the legal profession.

Inderpal Rahal Memorial Trust
Provides financial support to women facing hardship during their legal education.
Eligibility: Women in legal education experiencing financial difficulties.
How to Apply: Submit a detailed application describing financial need and educational goals.
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Diversity and Inclusion Schemes

Explore diversity and inclusion schemes designed to overcome barriers faced by aspiring solicitors from less advantaged backgrounds. These programs aim to create a more socio-economically diverse legal profession by offering support, mentorship, and financial aid. Discover opportunities that will help you achieve your legal career goals and promote a more inclusive legal industry.

Aspiring Solicitors Foundation
Focuses on removing financial barriers for aspiring solicitors through grants and scholarships.
Eligibility: Aspiring solicitors facing financial challenges.
How to Apply: Complete an application form on the ASF website.
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Diversity and Access Scheme
Provides scholarships to address barriers faced by individuals from less advantaged backgrounds.
Eligibility: Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds pursuing a career in law.
How to Apply: Apply through the Law Society’s Diversity Access Scheme page.
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Aspiring Solicitors
Aims to remove barriers for under-represented groups entering the legal profession.
Eligibility: Under-represented groups aspiring to join the legal field.
How to Apply: Apply through the Aspiring Solicitors website.
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PRIME Commitment
Offers work experience opportunities to improve access and diversity in the legal profession.
Eligibility: Students from underprivileged backgrounds.
How to Apply: Apply for work experience placements through the PRIME website.
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Supports students in their training contract applications through mentoring and resources.
Eligibility: Aspiring solicitors needing assistance with training contract applications.
How to Apply
: Register on the STRIVE Talent website.
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Windsor Fellowship
Supports diverse talent development through leadership and education programs.
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Young Citizens
Equips young people with the skills and confidence to make a positive societal impact.
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Provides career coaching to students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.
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Connects young people with employers and provides free career education and work experience.
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WCAN: the Black Women's Network
Dedicated to the personal and professional development of Black women.
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Warwick University Multicultural Scholars Programme
Supports ethnic minority students during legal studies to increase diversity in the profession.
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The Switch
Helps children and young people in Tower Hamlets achieve their potential.
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Shaw Trust
Provides employment services for disabled and disadvantaged individuals.
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Sutton Trust
Funds educational opportunities to improve social mobility for non-privileged backgrounds.
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Speakers for Schools
Provides talks and work experience to state school students with influential figures.
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Social Mobility Foundation
Supports high-achieving low-income students to reach top universities and professions.
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SEO London
Provides educational, training, and mentoring support to underserved young people.
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Offers work experience to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
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Rare Recruitment
Connects underrepresented talent with top career opportunities.
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Lawyers in Schools
Allows law firm employees to volunteer and share legal knowledge in classrooms.
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Law Answered
Produces study notes and guides for legal exams.
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Pathways to Law
Helps state school students aspiring to legal careers and first-generation university attendees.
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Operates learning centres to help disadvantaged students reach top universities.
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Halo Code
Protects employees' rights to wear natural hair and protective hairstyles.
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Helena Kennedy Foundation
Supports adults without formal qualifications to access higher education.
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InterLaw Diversity Forum
Fosters inclusion and levels the playing field in the legal sector.
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Breaking Barriers
Provides education, employment, and skills-building support to refugees.
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#10000 Able Interns
Connects young disabled talent with paid internships, training, and development.
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GROW Mentoring
Reduces barriers to the legal profession through mentorship and community support.
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Diversity Access Scheme (Law Society)
Supports talented aspiring lawyers facing barriers to becoming solicitors.
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City Solicitors Horizons
Improves access to the legal profession for disadvantaged young people.
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The Brokerage
Helps young people in London access City jobs through training and opportunities.
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Clifford Chance ACCESS
Year 12 program focused on personal and professional development.
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Facilitates online mentoring for students through an education charity.
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Bridging the Bar
Increases access to legal opportunities for all underrepresented groups.
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Black Solicitors Network
Advocates for the equality, retention, and promotion of Black solicitors.
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Business in the Community (BITC)
Promotes responsible business practices and supports community initiatives.
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Aspiring Solicitors
Increases diversity in the legal profession through free access and assistance.
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The Access Project
Supports disadvantaged students to gain admission to top universities.
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The 93% Club
Dismantles class inequality through community power for state-educated students.
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ACS in the City
Enlightens Black African and Caribbean students about professional careers.
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#10000 Black Interns
Provides paid internships across 25+ sectors to young Black talent.
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Access Aspiration
Creates visibility of career pathways for low-income and underrepresented 16-18-year-olds.
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Available Assistance for Aspiring Solicitors

Whether you need financial help to complete your studies or support to work with disadvantaged communities in social justice areas of law, there is targeted assistance available. These programs offer various forms of aid, including

Scholarships: Financial awards to support your legal education.
Mentoring: Guidance from experienced professionals in the field.
Financial Support: Grants and bursaries to alleviate financial burdens.
Support for Women: Financial and professional aid for women entering the legal profession.
Support in Social Welfare Law
: Assistance for those passionate about social justice and human rights.

FQPS Commitment to Future Generations

At FQPS, we are dedicated to supporting the next generation of legal professionals. We collaborate with partners and associations to create and expand financial assistance schemes.

Our goal is to invest in aspiring solicitors, especially those facing financial and socio-economic barriers, by providing scholarships, mentoring programs, and other resources.

FQPS is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive legal profession, ensuring that all talented individuals have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their background.

If you’re aware of a scheme that isn’t listed, please email us at

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