Navigating SRA 2023 Updates & Introducing FQPS Academy

Event start
September 29, 2023
SQE Explained
Webinar duration
45 minutes

Why This Special Event?

Many of you have expressed apprehensions regarding the SRA changes and how they might affect your studies. Our intent is to acknowledge these uncertainties and aim to offer clarity by providing the necessary responses.

With the FLK updates set to be implemented in the SQE2 from October 2023 and SQE1 from January 2024, whether you're taking the SQE1 or SQE2 exam in the near future or later down the line, this session is invaluable. Don't miss out on this opportunity – join us and stay a step ahead!

SQE1 Exam: What's New?

  • Introduction to new exam dates and scheduling alterations.
  • A fresh perspective on score calculation updates.
  • A peek into the improved results page.

Updated Insights: SQE Syllabus

Our syllabus is being honed to more clearly articulate our expectations. Delve into a comprehensive understanding of the laws in England and Wales, their application, and the unique distinctions between the two.

Topics We'll Reflect On:

  • Income tax Breakdown in both England and Wales.
  • Incorporation of the Welsh language in civil proceedings.
  • Dissecting the structure of an act of Senedd Cymru.
  • Property Practice: A deep dive into completion, freehold, leasehold, and taxation nuances across England and Wales.
  • Criminal Litigation Procedures: Understanding the intricacies of the 3 gateways s.100(1) under the Criminal Justice Act 2003.
  • Preliminary considerations regarding the use of the Welsh language in criminal proceedings.

...And that's just scratching the surface! We're aiming for a holistic review and not just a standard session on a singular topic. While the list may appear extensive, we assure you, the session will be engaging, and time will fly by. 😉

⁠A Two-Way Learning Experience

We stand apart from other course providers in ensuring that our sessions are dynamic, engaging, and tailored for comprehension. We firmly believe that learning shouldn't be a monotonous, one-way street. Our focus is on mutual interaction and understanding. If we can't ensure that every participant grasps the concepts clearly, then we're missing our mark. Our speaker will take the time to ensure everyone is on the same page and will allocate generous intervals for questions, clarifications, and discussions. This is more than just a session; it's a collaborative learning experience.

One more thing ...

For all of you gearing up for the SQE1 exam, we have a delightful surprise in store – something we believe you'll be thrilled to discover. But, let's keep it under wraps for now... Want to find out? Join us on Friday at 6 PM and all will be revealed!

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