Job Description

The National Community Law Project CIC is a not for profit, social enterprise that our team donate their time to help people with legal issues facing them. We are currently looking for law students, graduates and paralegals to volunteer their time to this very needed cause and gain experience by volunteering for our fantastic national project, assisting people from low income and marginalized areas with legal issues and problems that they face. All our work is online, so the time you donate can be from the comfort of your own home.


Within the last year, our project have grown to over 250 Law students and graduates, who donate their time to assist people in very depressing and often complicated times with legal issues that face them. Over the last year, we have been able to help over 50 people on a national scale by helping them understand their legal issues, gather relevant evidence, compile case notes, write legal summaries and help with legal documentation.
The need for this project is far greater than we initially thought, with over 4.5M legal cases in the UK in 2019 and the large majority were civil cases.

Why we do it?
Since the LASPO Act 2012, legal aid funding in a variety of areas, mainly civil and family have been dramatically reduced or simply is no longer available. This have left people from low incomes and marginalized areas unable to get legal representation through lack of affordability. The knock-on effect is that these people often have no representation or furthermore have to represent themselves in either litigation, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) or Court often with disastrous consequences.
There is no compulsory education in Law, although it completely governs the way we live our lives, so people really get confused with the whole process, leaving many people dis-empowered, intimidated, and completely stressed with the whole legal process. This coupled with serious penalties and consequences through lack of legal understanding and support.

Our Solution
The project came about when we came together to initially be able to get Law students and graduates experience working with clients as many could not get the experience as legal firms didn't have the capacity to onboard the high demand of law students in the UK jurisdiction. We decided to form the project during corona virus and we operate completely online, allowing us to function nationally.

How to Apply: Please complete online application:

We have several collaborations and endorsements All information on our website:

Job Types: Part-time, Volunteer
Part-time hours: 5 per week


  • Monday to Friday

Work Location: Remote

Reference ID: Comlaw111021

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