Everything You Need to Know About SQE2 Results 2023-2024

Everything You Need to Know About SQE2 Results 2023-2024

Discover SQE2 results 2023/2024 release dates, how to access, resit booking, and prep tips. Stay ahead with our comprehensive SQE2 guide.

Navigating the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) journey is a pivotal step for aspiring solicitors in the UK. With the SQE2 being a crucial part of this path, understanding how to access your results and what steps to take afterwards is essential. Whether you're eagerly awaiting the SQE2 results for October 2023 or planning ahead for SQE2 in 2024, this guide provides all the information you need, ensuring you're well-prepared for what comes next.

SQE2 Results Release – Key Dates and How to Access

October 2023 SQE2 Results

Mark your calendars! The results for the October 2023 SQE2 will be released on 20 February 2024, after 11 am (UK time). Candidates will receive an email notification with a link to access their results. This process is straightforward, designed to give you quick and easy access to your performance overview.

Future SQE2 Results Dates

Looking ahead, the SRA has scheduled more sittings for the SQE2 in July and October 2024. Staying informed about these dates is crucial for your planning and preparation.

Next Steps After Receiving Your SQE2 Results

Passing the SQE2

Congratulations on passing! The next step is to apply for admission. The SRA's website offers comprehensive information on what you need to do before applying, ensuring you meet all the necessary criteria.

Resitting SQE2

If you need to resit the SQE2, particularly aiming for the April sitting, it's important to book your spot via your candidate account as soon as possible. The booking window will be paused on 5 March, so early booking is advisable. A queuing system may be implemented to ensure fair access, providing you with an approximate waiting time.

Preparing for Your SQE2 Resit

Reasonable Adjustments

Should you require reasonable adjustments, contacting the Equality & Quality Team at your earliest convenience is vital. This ensures a seat is reserved for you, and all necessary adjustments are made.

Pre-Booking Requirements

Completing the pre-booking steps is a prerequisite for any assessment booking. Failure to complete these steps could delay your ability to book your resit.

Test Centres for SQE2 Oral Assessments

The booking page will list all available test centres for the oral assessments, allowing you to choose the most convenient location.

Looking Ahead – Further SQE2 Sittings in 2024

Further SQE2 sittings are scheduled for July and October 2024. Early preparation and booking are essential, as spots are limited and demand is high.


As you await the SQE2 results or prepare for future sittings, staying informed and proactive is key. This guide aims to equip you with all the necessary information, from accessing your results to planning your next steps. For more updates and guidance on the SQE2 and other legal qualifications, keep fqps.co.uk bookmarked. Your journey to becoming a solicitor is filled with important milestones, and we're here to help you navigate each step with confidence.


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