Analysing the January 2024 SQE2 Results: Insights, Comparisons, and Trends

May 30, 2024
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For the SQE2 January 2024 session, the pass rate is 75% for Sitting 1 and 71% for Sitting 2.

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) represents a rigorous benchmark for aspiring solicitors, divided into two parts: SQE1, which assesses functioning legal knowledge, and SQE2, which evaluates practical legal skills and knowledge. This article delves into the January 2024 SQE2 results, comparing them with the October 2023 session to highlight trends, improvements, and areas needing attention. By understanding these results, candidates and educators can gain valuable insights to enhance preparation and performance in future assessments.

Overview of the January 2024 SQE2 Session

The sixth round of SQE2 assessments took place between 30 January and 9 February 2024, consisting of 16 stations — 12 written and four oral. Candidates could only sit for SQE2 after passing or being exempt from SQE1. The assessment was split into two sittings:

  • Sitting 1: Written (30 January - 1 February) and Oral (6-7 February)
  • Sitting 2: Written (30 January - 1 February) and Oral (8-9 February)

The key statistics for this session were as follows:

  • Sitting 1:
    • Pass Mark: 62%
    • Number of Candidates: 490 (all graded), 478 (first attempt)
    • Pass Rate: 75% (all graded), 77% (first attempt)
    • Mean Score: 68%
    • Standard Deviation: 10.3%
    • Median Score: 69%
    • Score Range: 27%-91%
  • Sitting 2:
    • Pass Mark: 61%
    • Number of Candidates: 386 (all graded), 355 (first attempt)
    • Pass Rate: 71% (all graded), 74% (first attempt)
    • Mean Score: 65.2%
    • Standard Deviation: 10.4%
    • Median Score: 66%
    • Score Range: 2%-89%

Comparison with the October 2023 SQE2 Session

The fifth round of SQE2 assessments took place between 23 October and 2 November 2023, also consisting of 16 stations. The assessment was split similarly into two sittings:

  • Sitting 1: Oral (23-24 October) and Written (30 October - 2 November)
  • Sitting 2: Oral (25-26 October) and Written (30 October - 2 November)

The key statistics for the October 2023 session were:

  • Sitting 1:
    • Pass Mark: 62%
    • Number of Candidates: 408 (all graded), 345 (first attempt)
    • Pass Rate: 66% (all graded), 71% (first attempt)
    • Mean Score: 65.2%
    • Standard Deviation: 10.6%
    • Median Score: 66%
    • Score Range: 24%-89%
  • Sitting 2:
    • Pass Mark: 61%
    • Number of Candidates: 234 (all graded), 197 (first attempt)
    • Pass Rate: 59% (all graded), 66% (first attempt)
    • Mean Score: 63.2%
    • Standard Deviation: 12.1%
    • Median Score: 65%
    • Score Range: 10%-90%
Comparison of October 2023 and January 2024 SQE2 Results
Statistic October 2023 (Sitting 1) October 2023 (Sitting 2) January 2024 (Sitting 1) January 2024 (Sitting 2)
Pass Mark 62% 61% 62% 61%
Number of Candidates (All Graded) 408 234 490 386
Number of Candidates (First Attempt) 345 197 478 355
Pass Rate (All Graded) 66% 59% 75% 71%
Pass Rate (First Attempt) 71% 66% 77% 74%
Mean Score 65.2% 63.2% 68% 65.2%
Standard Deviation 10.6% 12.1% 10.3% 10.4%
Median Score 66% 65% 69% 66%
Score Range 24%-89% 10%-90% 27%-91% 2%-89%

Key Insights and Trends

Improved Pass Rates

The January 2024 SQE2 session showed an overall improvement in pass rates compared to October 2023. The overall pass rate increased from 64% in October to 73% in January, with the first-attempt pass rate improving from 69% to 76%. This significant improvement suggests better preparation and possibly changes in the examination process or candidate readiness.

Higher Mean Scores

The mean scores also saw a slight increase. For Sitting 1, the mean score rose from 65.2% in October to 68% in January. Sitting 2 saw an increase from 63.2% to 65.2%. These increments indicate an upward trend in candidate performance, reflecting possibly enhanced preparation methods, more effective study materials, or other factors contributing to improved understanding and application of legal knowledge.

Consistency in Pass Marks

The pass marks remained consistent between the two sessions, with minor variations (62% for Sitting 1 and 61% for Sitting 2). This consistency indicates a stable level of difficulty across different sessions, suggesting that the assessment standards are being maintained rigorously, providing a fair measure of candidates’ abilities over time.

Distribution of Scores

The range of scores observed in both sessions indicates a wide variation in candidate performance. For example, in January 2024 Sitting 2, scores ranged from 2% to 89%, showing that while some candidates excel, others significantly struggle. This pattern was similar in October 2023, where the range for Sitting 2 was 10% to 90%. Such variations highlight the need for targeted support for lower-performing candidates to bridge gaps in knowledge and skills.

Standard Deviation and Score Variability

The standard deviation in scores suggests how spread out the scores were. January 2024 Sitting 1 had a standard deviation of 10.3%, slightly lower than October 2023 Sitting 1's 10.6%. This indicates slightly less variability in candidate performance in January, suggesting more uniform preparation and performance levels. However, Sitting 2 in January had a standard deviation of 10.4%, which is significantly lower than the 12.1% in October, indicating a considerable reduction in score variability and possibly more consistent preparation among candidates.

Diversity and Socio-Economic Data Analysis

The SRA collects diversity and socio-economic data to understand how candidates from different backgrounds perform in the assessments. This data is consistent with categories used by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Social Mobility Commission. Although specific diversity data for groups with fewer than 10 candidates is not reported to protect privacy, the overall trends provide valuable insights.

What is your ethnic group?
Ethnic Group Candidates % Mean Score % Pass Rate %
Asian / Asian British 20 66 70
Black / Black British 5 57 47
Mixed / multiple ethnic groups 5 69 84
Other ethnic group 5 62 57
White 58 69 83
Prefer not to say 7 65 60
Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to the definition in the Equality Act 2010?
Disability Status Candidates % Mean Score % Pass Rate %
Yes 9 69 80
No 86 67 76
Prefer not to say 5 67 66
What is your sex?
Sex Candidates % Mean Score % Pass Rate %
Female 64 68 78
Male 33 67 71
Other - - -
Prefer not to say 3 66 71

Implications for Future Candidates

The upward trends in pass rates and mean scores are encouraging for future candidates. Here are some key takeaways for those preparing for upcoming SQE2 assessments:

Focused Preparation

Candidates should focus on understanding the core competencies tested in both the written and oral stations. Using past papers, practising under exam conditions, and seeking feedback on performance can help improve scores.

Utilising Study Resources

Leveraging available study materials, such as textbooks, online courses, and practice exams, can provide a comprehensive understanding of the subjects tested. Consider investing in quality preparation courses that have proven to be effective for past candidates.

Tailored Study Plans

Developing a personalised study plan that allocates sufficient time to weaker areas can help improve overall performance. Regular self-assessment and adjustments to the study plan based on progress can lead to better outcomes.

Seeking Support

Engaging with peers, mentors, and study groups can provide additional perspectives and support. Don’t hesitate to seek help for challenging topics, as collaborative learning can enhance understanding and retention.

Diversity and Inclusion

Being aware of the performance trends among different socio-economic and diverse groups can help identify areas where additional support may be needed. Institutions and educators should focus on providing inclusive resources and support mechanisms to ensure all candidates have equal opportunities to succeed.

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The January 2024 SQE2 results highlight positive trends in candidate performance compared to October 2023. With improved pass rates and mean scores, the data suggests that candidates are better prepared and performing more consistently. However, the wide range in scores and standard deviation indicates ongoing challenges for some candidates, emphasising the need for continuous support and tailored preparation strategies.

As the SQE continues to evolve, these insights are invaluable for future candidates and educators alike, providing a clearer understanding of performance trends and areas needing focus. By addressing these insights and implementing effective preparation strategies, future candidates can enhance their chances of success in the SQE2 assessments, ultimately contributing to a more competent and diverse legal profession.

Source: SRA SQE2 Report 2024

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