You are Advocate Working from United Kingdom (Jersey)

Can you apply to an SQE 2 Exemption if you are Advocate working in the United Kingdom (Jersey) Jurisdiction?

Find below the SRA instructions on how to apply for an SQE2 Exemption.

Your qualification has an agreed SQE2 exemption.

Foreign-qualified Advocate from United Kingdom (Jersey) who aim to practice in England and Wales might find the complexities of the SQE exam process overwhelming. With your distinctive qualifications and experience acquired in different legal jurisdictions, you can be eligible to apply for an SQE2 Exemption making your SQE journey easier,. We have build this page so you can easily understand if United Kingdom (Jersey) Jurisdiction has an agreed SQE2 exemption making your SQE 2 Exemption application even easier.

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How can I apply for SQE 2 Exemption?

How to Qualify as a Solicitor in England and Wales?

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) is a comprehensive assessment required for all aspiring solicitors in England and Wales.

Know more about the SQE
Hold a Degree

Obtain a degree in any subject, or possess a qualification or experience equivalent to a degree, such as a solicitor apprenticeship which combines on-the-job experience and training.

Complete Qualifying Work Experience

Fulfill two years of full-time (or equivalent) Qualifying Work Experience (QWE).

Know more about the QWE
Pass the SQE Assessments

Successfully pass both assessments of the SQE:
SQE1: MCQs Format - Focuses on practical legal knowledge.
SQE2: Oral / Written - Emphasises practical legal skills.

Learn more about the SQE Assessments
Meet Character and Suitability Requirements

Ensure you meet the character and suitability standards set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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How can I apply for SQE2 Exemption?

To gain an SQE2 exemption, you must show that you have the skills and legal knowledge assessed and applied to the same standard as candidates taking the SQE2.

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SQE2 Exemption for Advocate from United Kingdom (Jersey):

The SRA is clear for your jurisdiction, just remember this:

Your qualification has an agreed SQE2 exemption.

Apply for an SQE agreed exemption
Apply for an individual SQE assessment exemption

How to do it?

This only applies to lawyers who have qualified through a jurisdiction's full legal qualification route and are not cross-qualified from another jurisdiction.

Apply for an SQE agreed exemption
Apply for an individual SQE assessment exemption
United Kingdom (Jersey)

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→ What to do before applying your SQE 2 Exemption?

When you intent to apply for an SQE2 Exemption the first step is of course to create your mySRA and then ensure your legal qualifications and jurisdictions are updated in mySRA under 'My profile'.

You cannot apply for the agreed exemption until this is done. Note that you must already be admitted; you cannot set a future admission date.
Check list before applying to the SQE2 Exemption
Create your mySRA account
Add your legal qualifications and jurisdictions in mySRA

How much cost the SQE2 Exemption Application?

For Advocate working in United Kingdom (Jersey) jurisdiction, the application fee for an SQE2 Exemption is £265 (unless you are a UK lawyer applying for an agreed exemption, for which there is no fee).

SQE2 Exemption Application Fee
180 Days
The SRA will let you know their decision within 180 days. You cannot re-apply for exemptions during this time.

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