SRA Update: Sit SQE1 in Welsh from 2025 - Advance Notice

June 20, 2024
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The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) has introduced a significant update for Welsh-speaking candidates. As of January 2025, candidates can sit for the SQE1 assessment in Welsh, expanding the accessibility already available for SQE2. This development is part of a broader initiative to support bilingual legal services in England and Wales, ensuring that the legal profession is accessible to all.

The implementation of this option requires candidates to provide advance notice if they intend to take either SQE1 or SQE2 in Welsh. This update underscores the commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the legal profession, ensuring that Welsh-speaking candidates can undertake their assessments in their preferred language without any cost difference or additional burden.

Sitting the SQE Assessments in Welsh

Key Updates and Requirements

SQE1 Welsh Availability

From January 2025, candidates will have the option to sit the SQE1 assessment in Welsh. This follows the successful implementation of Welsh for the SQE2 assessments. The SQE1 examination, which spans over two days, can be taken at any Pearson VUE test centre that is available for booking. Candidates must provide advance notice by completing an advance notice form, ensuring the assessment is made available in Welsh.

SQE2 Welsh Availability

The SQE2 assessments, which include both oral and written components, have been available in Welsh since July 2024. Candidates can take the written assessments in Welsh at any Pearson VUE test centre, while the oral assessments are available in Welsh at the Cardiff test centre during specific windows. Candidates can choose to take the written and oral assessments in different languages, providing flexibility to accommodate their language preferences.

Advance Notice Deadlines and Preparation

To sit the SQE assessments in Welsh, candidates must provide advance notice. This is crucial for the logistics and preparation required to offer the assessments in Welsh. The deadlines for advance notice are as follows:

  • SQE2 October 2024: 4pm on 10th June 2024
  • SQE1 January 2025: 4pm on 2nd September 2024

Candidates must complete the advance notice form available on the SRA website. Upon submission, the Kaplan SQE team will contact candidates to finalise the arrangements for their assessments.

Advance Notice From to complete:

Structured Exam Content in Welsh

The SQE1 and SQE2 assessments in Welsh will include several elements presented in Welsh, ensuring candidates have a seamless experience. For SQE1, this includes the questions, suggested answers, explanatory tutorials, and necessary declarations. For SQE2, candidate instructions for both oral and written assessments will be in Welsh, with examiners communicating in Welsh for the oral components.

Translation and Quality Assurance

The translation of SQE assessment materials is handled by Kaplan Welsh translators, members of the Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters. The translations are proofread and reviewed by a panel of practicing Welsh-speaking solicitors and experts from Bangor University’s Centre for Welsh Language Services. This rigorous process ensures accuracy and relevance, maintaining high standards for the bilingual assessments.

Enrolment Opportunities with FQPS Academy

With the first SQE1 Welsh assessment scheduled for January 2025, candidates still have a three-month window to enrol in our comprehensive SQE2 Preparation Course. This course is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their assessments, whether they choose to sit them in Welsh or English.


The introduction of SQE1 in Welsh marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more inclusive legal profession. By offering assessments in both English and Welsh, the SRA ensures that candidates can showcase their abilities without language barriers, promoting fairness and accessibility in the legal sector.


Q: When can I take the SQE1 in Welsh?

A: The first SQE1 assessment in Welsh will be available in January 2025.

Q: Do I need to pay extra to take the SQE in Welsh?

A: No, there is no additional cost for taking the SQE in Welsh.

Q: Where can I take the SQE assessments in Welsh?

A: SQE1 can be taken at any Pearson VUE test centre, while SQE2 written assessments can also be taken at Pearson VUE centres. The SQE2 oral assessments in Welsh are available at the Cardiff test centre.

Q: How do I give advance notice for taking the SQE in Welsh?

A: You must complete the advance notice form on the SRA website by the specified deadlines.

Q: Are there resources available to help me prepare for the SQE in Welsh?

A: Yes, sample questions, assessment specifications, and a demonstration of the exam interface in Welsh are available to aid your preparation.

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