SQE2 Legal Research SRA Pearson VUE Template [Updated]

June 25, 2024
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Among the various components of the SQE, the legal research assessment in SQE2 is particularly demanding, requiring candidates to demonstrate their ability to research legal issues effectively. Recently, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has updated the SQE2 legal research answer template, making it available on the Pearson VUE test platform. This update is aimed at enhancing the exam experience and providing candidates with a clearer framework for preparing and performing their legal research tasks.

Introduction to SQE2 Legal Research

The SQE2 is designed to assess practical legal skills, and legal research is a vital component. Legal research tasks in SQE2 require candidates to demonstrate their ability to locate, interpret, and apply legal principles to given scenarios. The recent update to the legal research answer template on Pearson VUE’s platform aims to streamline the assessment process, making it more efficient and clear for candidates.

In this article, we will explore the specifics of the updated template, compare it with the previous format, and provide tips on how to excel in the legal research component of SQE2. Additionally, we'll highlight insights from FQPS, a leading provider of SQE preparation courses, to help candidates navigate these changes effectively.

Understanding the Updated SQE2 Legal Research Template

Diagram: Comparison of Previous and New Formats for SQE2 Legal Research

Previous Format of SQE2 Legal Research

Under the previous format, candidates were required to produce a two-part report: a formal written advice and a section citing relevant legal authorities. This structure, while comprehensive, often led to confusion and redundancy as candidates had to navigate and structure their answers in two separate parts. The exam lasted 60 minutes, and candidates were provided with various legal resources to use during the test.
You can find the new SQE2 Legal Research answer template online in the SQE Pearson VUE test Platform here:

New Format Requirement

The new format integrates the advice and legal reasoning into a single, cohesive section. This change aims to simplify the task for candidates, ensuring that their analysis and conclusions are presented logically and clearly. The updated format includes:

  1. Factual Summary: Outline the key facts of the scenario.
  2. Identification of the Legal Issue: Clearly state the legal issue to be addressed.
  3. Examination of Legal Provisions: Analyse the relevant legal provisions.
  4. Case Law and Legal Reasoning: Cite pertinent case law and legal principles that support the analysis.
  5. Conclusion: Draw a conclusion based on the analysis.

By following this structured approach, candidates can ensure their legal research answers are comprehensive, logically organised, and well-supported by relevant legal authorities.

Differences Between the New and Former Formats

  • Structure:
    • Former Format: Divided into two sections – one for formal written advice and one for citing relevant legal authorities.
    • New Format: Consolidates advice and legal reasoning into a single, integrated section.
  • Clarity and Simplicity:
    • Former Format: Required navigating and structuring answers in two separate parts.
    • New Format: Provides a straightforward approach, allowing candidates to present their analysis and conclusions cohesively.

Sample Answer Comparison

Former Format

Part 1: Advice to the Client

Part 2: Legal Reasoning

  • Detailed legal reasoning with citations of relevant statutes and case law.

New Format

Consolidated Report

  • An integrated report combining advice, legal reasoning, and citations in a single document.

Tips for Excelling in SQE2 Legal Research

  1. Understand the Legal Framework: Familiarise yourself with key statutes, regulations, and case law relevant to the SQE syllabus.
  2. Practice with Past Papers: Use SQE2 past papers to practice and refine your research skills.
  3. Use the Updated Template: Ensure you are comfortable with the new template format on the Pearson VUE platform.
  4. Focus on Clarity and Precision: Write clear, concise, and well-organised responses.

Insights from FQPS

FQPS offers comprehensive resources and guidance to help candidates prepare for SQE2. Their courses include practice exams, detailed feedback, and one-on-one mentoring, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared to meet the updated exam requirements.


The updated SQE2 legal research template on Pearson VUE marks a significant improvement in the assessment process, offering a more streamlined and efficient format. By understanding these changes and practicing with the new template, candidates can enhance their performance and increase their chances of success. For additional support, FQPS provides valuable resources and expert guidance to help you excel in your SQE2 legal research.


What is the main change in the updated SQE2 legal research template?

  • The main change is the integration of advice and legal reasoning into a single, cohesive section, simplifying the structure and improving clarity.

Where can I find the new SQE2 Legal Research Answer Template?

Is there a welsh version of the new SQE2 Legal Research Answer Template?

How can I prepare for the updated SQE2 legal research format?

  • Practice using the new template, familiarise yourself with key legal principles, and utilise resources from preparation providers like FQPS.

Where can I find past papers for SQE2 legal research?

  • Past papers are available on the Pearson VUE test platform and through SQE preparation providers like FQPS.

What skills are assessed in the SQE2 legal research component?

  • Key skills include identifying and using relevant sources, providing client-focused advice, and applying the law correctly to the given scenario.

Source: https://sqe.sra.org.uk/news-item/2024/06/24/updated-sqe2-legal-research-answer-template-now-available-on-pearson-vue-test-platform

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