SQE1 January Results: Kaplan's Error and the Impact on 17 Candidates [Update]

June 20, 2024
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The SQE1 January 2024 results initially left many candidates disheartened. However, a subsequent revelation by Kaplan about a critical error in the scoring process has altered the outcomes for 175 candidates, changing their results from fail to pass. This mistake has sent ripples through the legal community, raising concerns about the examination process's reliability and fairness.

Kaplan's SQE1 Error: What Happened?

Kaplan's administration of the SQE1 January 2024 examination was marred by a significant scoring error. The mistake, which went unnoticed during the initial result issuance, led to 175 candidates receiving incorrect results. This error has now been corrected, and those candidates who were initially marked as failing have been informed of their new passing status.

Key Points of the Error:

  • Identification of the Error: Kaplan identified the discrepancy during a routine audit of the results.
  • Correction Process: The affected candidates were swiftly notified, and their results were updated.
  • Impact on Candidates: The correction has significant implications for the affected candidates' career paths.

Impact on Candidates

The impact of Kaplan's error on the candidates cannot be understated. For many, this mistake initially seemed like a career setback. However, the correction has provided a new opportunity, albeit accompanied by mixed emotions of relief and frustration.

Emotional and Professional Impact:

  • Relief and Joy: For those who passed, the updated results brought immense relief and joy.
  • Frustration and Anxiety: The initial failure results caused significant stress and anxiety, affecting candidates' confidence and future plans.
  • Career Implications: The corrected results now open doors for further career advancements and preparations for the next stage, SQE2.

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Steps Forward for Affected Candidates

For the 175 candidates whose results were corrected, the path forward involves crucial decisions and actions to capitalise on their newly confirmed success.

Immediate Actions:

  • Update Personal and Professional Records: Candidates should ensure that their professional profiles reflect the updated results.
  • Inform Employers and Educational Institutions: Communicate the change in results to relevant stakeholders.

Preparation for SQE2:

  • Enroll in Preparation Courses: With the new results, candidates have a three-month window to enroll in SQE2 preparation courses.
  • FQPS SQE2 Preparation Course: Our comprehensive preparation course is designed to equip candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in SQE2.

Benefits of Enrolling in FQPS SQE2 Preparation Course:

  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from experienced legal professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course covers all aspects of SQE2, ensuring candidates are thoroughly prepared.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Tailored to fit different learning styles and schedules, our course offers both online and in-person options.

Looking Ahead: Ensuring Accuracy and Trustworthiness

This incident highlights the importance of accuracy and trust in the examination process. Kaplan has pledged to implement stricter quality control measures to prevent such errors in the future. As candidates prepare for the next stage, the focus remains on maintaining high standards and ensuring fairness.

Steps Kaplan is Taking:

  • Enhanced Quality Control: Implementing more rigorous checks and audits.
  • Transparent Communication: Keeping candidates informed about processes and potential issues.


The SQE1 January 2024 results issue serves as a reminder of the challenges and uncertainties in the path to becoming a solicitor. However, with the corrected results and the opportunity to prepare for SQE2, candidates can look forward to achieving their professional goals. Enrolling in our FQPS SQE2 Preparation Course can provide the necessary support and guidance to succeed in the next phase of their legal careers.


Q: What caused the error in the SQE1 January 2024 results?

A: Kaplan identified a scoring discrepancy during a routine audit, which led to the error affecting 175 candidates.

Q: How were the affected candidates informed?

A: Kaplan promptly notified the affected candidates and updated their results accordingly.

Q: What steps should candidates take after receiving their corrected results?

A: Candidates should update their personal and professional records, inform relevant stakeholders, and consider enrolling in SQE2 preparation courses.

Q: How can candidates prepare for SQE2?

A: Enrolling in a comprehensive preparation course, such as the one offered by FQPS.co.uk, can provide the necessary training and support for success in SQE2.

Q: What measures is Kaplan taking to prevent future errors?

A: Kaplan is implementing enhanced quality control measures and maintaining transparent communication with candidates.

Source: https://sqe.sra.org.uk/news-item/2024/04/15/january-sqe1-results-issue

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