New April SQE2 2024 Booking Update

New April SQE2 2024 Booking Update

Discover the latest updates on the April SQE2 2024 exam booking process. This essential guide outlines the new streamlined booking system for candidates who passed the January SQE1, including a simplified seat reservation form, key dates, and strategic advice for successful exam preparation. Stay informed and ready for the SQE2 exam with our comprehensive overview.

Key Changes and Dates

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has revamped the SQE2 booking process for April 2024, introducing a more streamlined approach.

Candidates who passed the January SQE1 exam can now benefit from a simplified seat reservation system, eliminating the need for queueing and ensuring a more efficient booking experience. This change comes in response to feedback, aiming to facilitate a smoother transition for candidates progressing to SQE2.


Step-by-Step Guide to the April 2024 SQE2 Booking

  1. Seat Reservation: Immediately following the announcement of SQE1 results, candidates will receive an email with a seat reservation form. This form is your ticket to securing a spot for the SQE2 exam, asking for your confirmation to sit the exam and your preferred assessment locations.
  2. Booking Window Pause: To manage the booking process effectively, there will be a brief pause in booking activities, allowing the SRA to allocate seats based on the completed reservation forms. This pause is crucial for preparing the system for the final booking steps.
  3. Finalizing Your Booking: Once your seat is reserved, you'll be notified to complete the booking by making payment. This final step confirms your participation in the SQE2 exam, with options available for rescheduling if necessary.

Strategies for Success

To navigate the new booking process successfully, start by:

  1. Marking key dates on your calendar, especially the reservation form availability and the booking window's pause and reopening.
  2. Ensure your email is up to date in the SRA's records to receive all communications promptly.

For Candidates Requiring Reasonable Adjustments

The SRA remains committed to providing equal opportunities for all candidates. If you require reasonable adjustments, it's important to complete the seat reservation form and indicate your needs. The SRA's Equality and Quality team will follow up with further instructions to ensure you receive the necessary accommodations.

Advice for Candidates Not Passing the October SQE2

If you're planning to retake the SQE2 exam in April following an unsuccessful attempt in October, it's recommended to secure your booking before the March pause. This ensures you have a spot for the exam, allowing you to focus on your preparation without added stress.

Looking Ahead: Further SQE2 Sittings

Planning is key to your 2024 SQE2 exam success. With additional sittings scheduled for July and October 2024, understanding the booking process and timelines can help you strategize your study plan and choose the best time for you to sit the exam.


The April 2024 SQE2 booking window brings significant changes designed to streamline the process for candidates. By staying informed and proactive, you can ensure a smooth booking experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your exam preparation.

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