How to Approach Multiple-Choice Questions in SQE1

June 10, 2024
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The Solicitors Qualifying Examination 1 (SQE1) is designed to test your functional legal knowledge through a series of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Mastering the approach to these MCQs is a vital part of succeeding in this exam. This article provides practical strategies for effectively tackling multiple-choice questions in SQE1.

Understanding the SQE1 MCQ Format

SQE1 consists of two papers, each comprising 180 multiple-choice questions. The questions are designed to assess your understanding of various legal topics, including business law, property law, criminal law, and more. Each question has five possible answers, one of which is the "best answer".

Strategies for Approaching MCQs in SQE1

1. Thorough Preparation: Comprehensive understanding of the law is the foundation of success in SQE1. This means investing ample time in studying, understanding, and applying the legal principles of the different subjects covered in the exam.

2. Analyse the Question: Before looking at the answer options, carefully read and understand the question. This involves identifying the legal issue at hand and predicting what the correct answer might involve.

3. Elimination Technique: Often, you can eliminate one or more answer choices because they are clearly incorrect or irrelevant. This increases your chances of selecting the correct answer.

4. Don't Rush: While time management is essential, don’t let the clock push you into hasty decisions. Take the time to consider each option carefully.

5. Answer Every Question: There's no negative marking in SQE1, which means you won’t lose marks for incorrect answers. So, make sure to answer every question, even if you have to guess.

6. Review Your Answers: If time allows, review your answers. However, avoid changing an answer unless you are sure of the correction; your first instinct is often correct.


While the multiple-choice format of SQE1 can seem daunting, these strategies can help you navigate the questions more effectively and increase your chances of success. Remember, the key to SQE1 is a strong understanding of legal principles combined with strategic exam techniques. Good luck on your journey to becoming a solicitor!

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