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At FQPS Academy, we understand the weight of the Advocacy component in your SQE2 examination. Our unique training method incorporates the key elements the SRA focuses on, ensuring you will be aptly prepared and confident for advocacy.

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Legal & Regulatory Requirements

At FQPS Academy, we emphasise understanding and applying the SRA Standards and Regulations, including recognising ethical issues, resisting unethical behaviour, and acting fairly and inclusively. We also stress the importance of maintaining competence and up-to-date knowledge in relevant law and policy.

Technical Legal Practice

We will help you develop your ability to obtain, interpret, and evaluate relevant facts effectively. You'll learn how to organise facts to support your arguments and respond effectively to opposing arguments.

Working with Other People

Our course enhances your ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing. We also focus on establishing and maintaining professional relations, supervising work effectively, and managing external consultants.

Managing Self and Work

"At FQPS Academy, we understand that self-management and effective work planning are integral to success. Our training will improve your ability to initiate, plan, prioritise, and manage work activities, ensuring you're prepared for real-world legal scenarios.

"The law is not an end in itself, nor a means to an end. It is the means to a just and fair society."

Tony Blair, British lawyer and former Prime Minister

FQPS Academy: SQE1 / SQE2 - The Best SQE Practice Material Library

What to Expect from Advocacy Exercice

In Advocacy, you will play the solicitor's role based on a case study. You will need to prove that you can communicate clearly and convincingly. This will be spread over two half-days.

On the first day, your focus will be on Advocacy in resolving disputes. On the second day, you'll show your Advocacy prowess in dealing with criminal lawsuits.

You will be given 45 minutes to prepare, and then you'll have 15 minutes to make your case to a judge acting like legal expert. This judge will evaluate your skills and rate how well you apply the law.

Our Training Approach

Our SQE2 Advocacy preparation course focuses on the following crucial skills:

Appropriate Language and Behaviour

We equip you with the courtroom decorum and language proficiency required in high-pressure situations.

Logical Structuring

We teach you to organise your thoughts and arguments for a coherent and impactful presentation.

Persuasive Argumentation

Our course enhances your skills in formulating compelling arguments, helping you present your case convincingly.

Interaction with the Court

We guide you on how to engage appropriately with the judge, fostering respect and attention.

Application of Relevant Facts

Our training ensures you're adept at identifying and applying key facts relevant to your client’s situation.

Correct and Comprehensive Application of Law

FQPS Academy help you understand how to apply the law accurately and extensively to your client's situation, including identifying and resolving ethical and professional conduct issues with integrity.

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