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MCQ features

Multiple Choice Questions

MCQs present five possible choices, with detailed context when needed, requiring you to select the single best answer.


Practice sessions can either be strictly time-bound, adding pressure, or without a clock, allowing you to focus solely on the questions.


Your results will showcase an overall score presented as a percentage, an average speed score, an accuracy score and more.


Each question is followed by detailed and high-quality feedback, explaining the correct answer and untangling complex legal rules.


Your overall position is compared to your peers, giving you a sense of how you stack up against others.

Mark and Review

You have the ability to mark questions for later review, mimicking the experience of an actual exam day.

By Area of Law

MCQs are filtered by area of law and specific subsections for each topic, enabling focused study in specific areas.

Level of Difficulty

Question span a range of difficulty levels, covering easy, moderate, and difficult questions.

Prepare to embark on a journey of continuous learning and unlock the potential to excel in your legal studies.

Our MCQs covers all SQE topics

(SRA Syllabus, Updated July 2023)

  • FLK 1: Business Law and Practice; Dispute Resolution; Contract; Tort; Legal System of England and Wales; Constitutional and Administrative Law and EU Law and Legal Services .
  • FLK 2: Property Practice; Wills and the Administration of Estates; Solicitors Accounts; Land Law; Trusts; Criminal Law and Practice.
FQPS Academy MCQs Practice


FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Criminal Law

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Criminal Practice

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice


FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Property Practice

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Land Law

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Dispute Resolution

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Legal Services

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Legal system of England

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Solicitors Accounts

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Business Law

FQPS Academy MCQs Practice


FQPS Academy MCQs Practice


FQPS Academy MCQs Practice


FQPS Academy MCQs Practice

Constitutional, Administrative & EU Law

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