Introducing the Daily Practice!

Despite everyday commitments, always aim to complete the Daily Practice: 20 random questions per day.
You may surprise yourself with your knowledge. Don't shy away fearing failure; it's a chance to learn or to affirm what you already know.

Discover the Benefits of Daily Practice

Embrace the challenge, for with every attempt you grow.

Daily Knowledge Refresher

Keep your legal knowledge sharp by engaging in daily practice sessions, helping you build a solid foundation and ensure that your knowledge doesn't grow rusty.

Consistent Learning

Simply absorbing information isn't enough; actively revisiting and relearning is key to long-term retention.

Embrace Repetition

Don't settle for one round of studying. Repetition aids knowledge transfer from conscious to intuitive or deeper levels of recollection.

Quick Quizzes

Take short quizzes consisting of just 20 questions per day. Without even realising, you will accumulate hours of study by the end of the month.

The journey may be demanding, but your dedication and perseverance will undoubtedly lead you to success!

FQPS Academy: SQE1 / SQE2 - The Best SQE Practice Material Library

Introducing Daily Practice: The 15/15/24 Routine

Answer 15 questions; Covering all 15 areas of law; Every 24 hours.

Find time during your lunch break, commute, or while waiting for cookies to bake. Don't skip the Dailies, even if you feel unprepared. Either reinforce your knowledge or learn something new. Every 25 minutes per day adds up, contributing to your overall knowledge. By the end of your revision, this accumulated practice will be the cherry on top of your knowledge cake.

Success isn't a secret, it requires consistency.

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