Meet the Talented Team Behind FQPS Academy

Welcome to FQPS Academy, our vision :


Affordable Alternative

The SQE exam was introduced as a more cost-effective replacement for the expensive LPC exam. At FQPS Academy, we align with this vision by providing practice materials that are priced considerably lower, making exam preparation more accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.


Democratising the Solicitors Exam

We firmly believe that every student, regardless of their background, should have an equal opportunity to succeed in the SQE exam. By offering practice materials at more affordable rates, we aim to level the playing field and ensure that financial constraints do not hinder anyone's ability to achieve their dreams.


Breaking the Cost Barrier

While other course providers charge exorbitant fees for exam preparation, we prioritize affordability without compromising on quality. Our reasonably priced practice materials allow students to focus on mastering the knowledge and skills required for the SQE exam, without the burden of excessive costs.


Join the Inclusive Revolution

Join us at FQPS Academy as we work towards a more inclusive and accessible approach to exam preparation. Together, let's bridge any gaps between students' backgrounds and create a supportive community that fosters equal opportunities for all. Together, let's reverse the alarming statistics published by the SRA regarding the discrepancies in SQE pass rates among students from diverse backgrounds.

We understand the financial burden that aspiring legal professionals face, and our goal is to democratise the solicitors exam by offering high-quality practice materials at significantly lower prices compared to our competitors.

Meet the Talented Team Behind FQPS Academy

Visionary Co-Founders

Our team includes two visionary co-founders who bring extensive expertise and a passion for empowering aspiring legal professionals.

Legal Experts

We have a team of legal experts who provide valuable insights, ensuring that our practice materials accurately reflect the content and requirements of the SQE exam.

Technical Wizards

Our team of technical wizards ensures that our platform is user-friendly, seamless, and equipped with the latest features to optimize your studying experience.

Supportive Professionals

Our team also includes supportive professionals who are committed to assisting you throughout your journey with FQPS Academy, providing guidance and addressing any queries or concerns you may have.

FQPS Academy: SQE1 / SQE2 - The Best SQE Practice Material Library
FQPS Academy: SQE1 / SQE2 - The Best SQE Practice Material Library
FQPS Academy: SQE1 / SQE2 - The Best SQE Practice Material Library
FQPS Academy: SQE1 / SQE2 - The Best SQE Practice Material Library

Your Legal Journey Starts Here with FQPS Academy

Experience our commitment to affordability and inclusivity. Choose FQPS Academy for comprehensive and reasonably priced practice materials that put your success within reach, regardless of your background.

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